Change is Inevitable

That’s what they say at least. From when one is young we are told that change is a thing that occurs, sometimes behind the curtain of life, and sometimes right out on center stage. Sometimes we forget this reality, and then life reminds us that it is indeed true. Occasionally we need to be gently shaken to remember the foundational truth of this axiom, and sometimes it just needs to be observed.

So that is what I did. I observed the change of light one frosty morning, as the sun peeked above the horizon, almost begrudgingly it seemed, and then I made this image.

1.8.19 8:35 am

1.8.19 8:35 am

Yeah, the sun doesn’t come up in Michigan till 8:11 am this time of year. It’s almost a crime. But Michigan does make up for the tardiness of Old Sol in the months of June, July, and August when it’s light until nearly 10 pm. And that is glorious. But I digress.

Change is inevitable. In all things at all times. I was made aware of this truth yet again when I ran past the same spot on a different day and at a different time. The light was as unremarkable on that day as it was remarkable on that morning. This external observation made me realize yet again the we cannot do anything to stop change in any aspect of our life.

1.12.19 12:04 pm

1.12.19 12:04 pm

What kind of profound truth is this? And what can we do with it? Stop trying doing the same thing you always do. Try something new. Look for opportunity. Ignore the naysayers. And lastly, just go with the flow.


5 Miles of Blue

What color is the sky? In Michigan we usually say ‘gray’ this time of year. But today it’s a special shade of blue. But what exactly does that look like? Hard to say. I know in my mind what it looks like, I can see it there. But to describe it, or quantify it in any way other than to experience it would be doing this shade of blue a disservice.

That said, I did make a few photographs during my run. If you looked west the blue was distinctly different than if you looked east or north. My old iPhone may see the blue much differently than a new camera would. Cameras all have bias, as do our memories of the way things were. Photo psychologists (yes, there is such a thing) believe that photography alters how we remember things, how we perceive the world, and how we view ourselves. When we think of a blue sky, the blue we think of may indeed be colored by how our cameras record those blues.

So, what color is the sky in your mind? The images below are how the camera I carry with me everywhere (6S Plus from 2016) sees the color blue as it was today.

Is it your blue?

facing WSW.JPG

West South West

41º 50’ 50.70”N, 86º 18’ 30.99 W

facing east.JPG

East North East

41º 50’ 50.70” N, 86º 18’ 30.99” W

I am thinking of this because recently I had a client who wanted a bunch of blue sky images to look exactly the same. Sure, Photoshop can do that. And I happily obliged and made them look pretty dang near the same blue. But it got me to thinking about all the things that make blue sky different both in the experience of blue and how we remember blue in our minds. Different cameras, location, time of day, time of year, atmospheric haze, humidity, and the list goes on. I say let the blues be different, and let the experience of seeing a beautiful Michigan blue sky on January 5, 2019 be one that is repeated more often than is deserved.



Running Towards Something

Running is rarely an escape for me. But these days it is the best of escapes. Pounding feet on pavement provide a complement to the pounding heart and rhythmic music, and provide some solace from the self-doubt that creeps through my mind at the most inopportune times.


Today it was snowing, a gentle type of snow that lays heavily on every leaf and blade of grass. I told myself I wasn’t going to make any pictures today. But it was a lie. I made two.

I’m a sucker for atmosphere, and a sucker for patterns that are only found along the roadside. There is something rather quieting in the experience of just looking out over the landscape or looking down at objects that seemed designed by an unseen force.

So these days I’m running. Running to escape, and running towards something new.


This is Troy. We Ate Lunch Together.


Lunch with friends is a good thing. It is an even better thing when your world implodes. Friends give perspective on what is important, or maybe what is not very important. Either way, they guide you.

South Bend, Indiana 12.19.18

South Bend, Indiana 12.19.18

The Place!

The Place!

Funny thing about the midwest: you CAN indeed find good food if you know where to look. True, it’s not like the culinary nirvana of the big cities, but South Bend has hidden gems. Cambodian Thai is one of those gems.

Sage Advice

Sage Advice

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea

I just have to say that if you haven’t tried a Thai Iced Tea you are missing out on one of the greatest drinks on earth. The Cambodian Thai restaurant knows how to do it right.

Pad See Ew is on point

Pad See Ew is on point

Now back to the friend thing, and how important friends are. Friends get it when you don’t. They provide clarity, direction, compassion, and the truly important things that we often take for granted.

Chicken Satay anyone?

Chicken Satay anyone?


We had a good talk, then we had a good walk


A good walk after a good meal is a good thing. Take time out of your day to have a real conversation with a flesh and blood human being. It’s really all we have in the end.