Earth Family Farm

Earth Family Farm

I recently met the owners of Earth Family Farm and enjoyed walking the property and listening to their story. Robert and Barbara have lived on the farm for about 5 years raising alpaca and chickens along with a rather beautiful turkey. I am fascinated by the people who have a passion for growing their own food, working hard, and living well on this earth. If you are ever in the Berkeley Springs, WV area I recommend looking them up.



Robert introduced me to one of their aquaponics systems, which is a brilliant method of raising greens like Pak Choi in a medium of lava rock which utilizes a homemade bell siphon system. In this setup the greens are nourished by goldfish ‘waste’ . The ingenuity that Robert brings to his farm is inspiring.

A Rather Beautiful Bird

This big guy kept getting in the way, so I made him the subject. He is glorious, with stunning plumage and a quality to him that communicates his dominance in the barnyard.

A Good Day

Meeting Robert and Barbara was a highlight of my trip. Real people doing real things to create a better environment for themselves and others. There is nothing better.